"Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise"

"I had been feeling very anxious and nervous about what was happening in my life Genevieve made me feel totally calm and relaxed in my sessions. Her tone of voice is lovely and the techniques she has shown me will continue to help me going forward in my life. I would recommend Genevieve to anyone looking for a Hypnotherapist"   ak cheltenham

" I went to see Genevieve at Sunrise Hypnotherapy after being recommended by a family member. I was looking for help with relaxation and anxiety during pregnancy. Genevieve also made me a personal recording to listen to which I did up until the birth. During my labour I remained calm and in control whilst giving birth easily and naturally to my beautiful baby son. thank you." Mia Steed.Powys.
"I have had a stressful time with one thing and another, and then I lost my mother. I was finding it hard to relax and my sleep was disturbed leaving me feeling tired and very low. I Spoke to Genevieve about Hypnotherapy as I knew very little about it, She explained in a very clear and professional way what the process involves. I arranged to have a few therapy sessions. Her voice has a lovely calming tone and I found the whole experience incredibly relaxing and beneficial, I was able to completely let go and be taken on a wonderful journey. After the the sessions I felt safe, calm and rested, and able to see things with a more positive outlook. Genevieve recorded a CD for me to listen to, tor help with my sleep pattern, I only remember hearing the first ten minutes of the CD as I drift off into a deep sleep and I am only waking once in the night instead of four or five times! I would highly recommend Genevieve for anyone looking for a Hypnotherapist, I will continue to have sessions purely for the relaxation element and look forward to returning soon". T S,Glos
"Genevieve takes a weekly relaxation therapy session that enables the elderly residents to remove unwanted stress and anxiety.This therapy is wonderfully suited to those with Parkinson's disease and early onset of dementia, as well those who are recovering from illness. I would thoroughly recommend care facilities to offer this therapy to their service users." M.W.Head of Care Cheltenham.
"I can't wait for the next session, I really enjoy it." Teressa
"It's just like being transported to a magical place, where all OF your worries and cares are taken away"  Vera GLOS 
"The therapy makes me feel relaxed but at the same time refreshed" Sybil Cheltenham.
"Thank you for my lovely treatment last week, I slept incredibly well that night. It was as though somebody had switched off my brain so I did not have any unwanted dreams - which was great! then over the weekend I felt as though I had been given a massage as even my body felt relaxed too! strangely though when I know I would be normally be really stressing about the issues I had presented with I seem to be taking things in my stride and not allowing worries get the better of me. I would certainly recommend Genevieve to my friends"  E.WB Glos
"I arrived in frankly a "manic" and anxiety filled place. My mind was racing at 100 mph with flitting disjointed thoughts. My body clenched and fidgety. i knew I retained control while Genevieve helped my body completely relax and mind slow down. Needless to say the transformation was enormous and tremendous, so much that others noticed the change in me too! I also gained "hope" hope that I can overcome my anxiety and stress. I continue to recommend "Mind Massage" to other to regain control and peace."  Rachel Cheltenham.
"Great news, I saw a big black spider last night that a few days ago I would have ran a mile from, I managed to put a glass over it and slide a card underneath then pick it up without any fuss to then let it go outside. I even had a picture taken of me kissing the glass with the spider in it!!!  I'm so chuffed" Helen Cheltenham.
"Since attending my sessions I feel so much more relaxed around dogs, this treatment has helped my enormously with my phobia.Walking in the country and canal side will be more relaxing and struggle free. I cant believe that I actually make an effort to to get close to dogs whenever I possibly can. A life changer and I have Genevieve to thank for that.." Marion.  Gloucestershire.
"I saw Genevieve for help with fear of public speaking and it was brilliant! Each session was amazingly relaxing and left me feeling both completely calm, energized and empowered. My Sessions worked fantastically well, I was able to speak publicly while feeling calm and in control and generally more confident for a long time afterwards. I found my sessions so beneficial that hypnotherapy for relaxation will now form part of my ongoing well being routine" Nicky.Cheltenham
"BWRT has literally changed my personal world, at first i thought i was too good to be true, however after just a few sessions I feel on top of the world" R Cheltenham
"Wow a 30 year phobia gone in 40 minutes, BWRT is astonishing"
"i must confess i have had several other therapies to try and help overcome sudden trauma, however nothing really seemed to shift the way i felt until I discovered BWRT. I had read an article in the Daily Mail and looked up BWRT. this led to me to Genevieve and I am so glad it did. Genevieve made me feel at ease straight away, she explained in easy terms how the therapy gets to work on the neural pathways and how we work together to make this change, and we did! I am so grateful to have met such a wonderful and caring therapist, thank you"   M.. Glos