Mind Massage Relaxation Therapy
Be transported into a world of peace and tranquility through hypnotherapy. Ideal for anyone needing release from anxiety and stress or just to take time out from their busy lives to to relax and unwind.
Shine & Sparkle-Relaxing therapy treatment for brides,grooms,bridesmaids and others within the wedding party.This technique ensures the client is totally relaxed,calm,confident and in control by eliminating anxiety,stress or wedding day nerves,ready to enjoy the days celebrations.
Mind Massage/Shine & Sparkle Relaxation therapy are both suitable as an ideal Gift,Vouchers available upon request. 
                  Discount applied for regular Mind Massage clients.
The number of sessions depends on the complexity of issue being resolved, However the majority of clients only need just a few in order to get back on track.
Brain Working Recursive Therapy is a new model of psychology and psychotherapy that embraces the latest thinking on neuroscience and psychological health. Developed by UK Professional therapist Terence Watts MCGI. BWRT is a totally unique solution focused therapeutic tool which is carried out in full conscious awareness, It can provide quick and permanent solutions for a host of issues and is virtually content free which means you are not required to divulge any sensitive details that you want to keep private.  


Group relaxation sessions can be performed in care facilities, residential homes and work places,Fees by arrangement.Group discount applied for regular sessions booked
                 In house Workshops available on the following:
Relaxation for the elderly -How to facilitate a relaxations session as part of a well being activity.
Mindfulness in the workplace - How to cultivate a more peaceful mindset and improve your overall well being and mental health,as well as building better understandings and relationships with others.
Stress Awareness - Understanding stress and how to manage it. 

Each workshop is 2.5hrs is interactive, offer practical advice, certificate of attendance and materials for each attendee.