Life Coaching
As a life coach my aim is to support,guide,empower and motivate my clients to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals.
These can include excelling in the workplace, becoming fulfilled and happier within yourself, at home and in relationships. Improving and balancing life by exploring your potential, and achieving your goals.
Life coaches provide clients with the tools to confidently face difficult situations, to push past negative or emotional barriers by using various psychological models and techniques. Life coaching is about objectivity, structure and empowerment, it’s not about telling you what you should do, offering advice, opinions or judgment.
The fundamental objective to life coaching is to motivate and support by gently encouraging you to explore how to make positive and lasting changes within your life.
Being Subjective-We all have different perspectives of the world, some perspectives are restrictive and can stop a person becoming who they want to be i.e “I’m not good enough” Who says? And why?
Empowerment-Everyone has the capability to adjust personal limits of their own perspective.With the help of life coaching,anyone can learn to open and expand their mind if they wish i.e. “Yes, you can” think more about “doing” and less about “not doing”.
Guidance-The fundamental difference between an instructor and a guide is that an instructor shows a person exactly what to do, whereas a guide provides the tools and support a person requires do something for themselves. Therefore a life coach is a guide i.e. “let’s explore and see would could happen if you took a different approach to a situation”
What happens during a session?
Life coaching sessions will typically last about 55 minutes During your session, I will ask you a number of questions i.e
What do you want to get out of life?
What areas of your are you unhappy with?
Where would you like to see yourself going in the future?
What can you do to make change happen?
It's important to remember a life coach works with you it’s up to you to challenge, set and reflect upon certain goals and ideas in order to help you move forward in life.
Sessions are confidential. Commitment and reflective homework is required to ensure best results. Clients are seen weekly over a set time frame with agreed periodic reviews.
10% discount if paid in advance with 6 sessions £243 – 9 sessions £364 or 12 sessions £486.